Give Thanks This Day Pray continually, rejoice always, and give thanks in all circumstances.    Those words are from 2 Thessalonians, and they remind us that God is right here with us, listening to us, interacting with us, and offering us grace and mercy at each corner.  When we pray, God always hears us and knows what we need before we even ask.  We trust that God is fully good and gives only the best gifts, so some of our prayers get        answered, and some don’t.  When we rejoice always, it may feel a little fake from time to time.  These days especially, we are hesitant to rejoice because as we experience joy, our joy may cause someone to feel offended.  Rejoicing in the good things from God is always the right thing to do.  When we give thanks in all circumstances, we can lift up our hearts to the giver of all good things and be reminded that yes, God is here and in control, even if it is difficult to see it at the moment.            This year’s holidays may seem different than the ones of the past because so much has transpired in 2020.  Taking on the attitude of continuous prayer, rejoicing and giving thanks can help us spiritually this holiday season.  It can help our hearts align with the true meaning of Christmas.  It can help us flush out all that is false, and to focus on  Jesus.  It can deepen our faith, and draw us closer to God.            To pray continually, try to look at, listen to and experience the things that    remind you of God.  Whether it’s a cross in your pocket, a playlist of your favorite    Christmas hymns, or some time in the cool, brisk air that causes you to look up at the sky, remember God.  Remember to pray, remember to rejoice, and remember to give thanks.  Make a conscious effort to do so, and be blessed with the peace of Christ that surrounds your hearts and minds this holiday season.   Blessings, Pastor Jen           
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